An Unheralded Hero Dr. Dinesh Koirala

The unheralded hero

Dr. Dinesh Koirala

Dr. Dinesh Koirala, a paragon of excellence in the field of paediatric surgery, completed his residency in Paediatric Surgery at the esteemed Bangabhandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, the premier tertiary hospital in Bangladesh. He received his medical degree from the esteemed Tribhuvan University in Nepal, and subsequently attained a Master's in Public Health (Maternal and Child Health) from the American International University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Throughout his tenure as a student and practising physician, Dr. Koirala gained invaluable experience through his diverse engagements, including serving as a house officer at Janaki Medical College, an assistant physician under the tutelage of Dr. Surya Narayan Yadav, a leading paediatrician in Nepal, and as an emergency and ICU physician in charge at Alka Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Dr. Koirala’s passion for serving the needs of children is further exemplified through his numerous voluntary engagements, including serving as Vice President and Programme Coordinator of Bal Chetana Samuha, the first organisation for children, run by children and established by children in Nepal in 1994. This organisation, recognised by the Nepalese Government, advocates for children’s rights and integration within their communities. He also participated and conducted various Training for Trainers sessions organised by UNICEF, CWIN, Reyaukai Nepal and local NGOs. In 2000, he authored the Convention on the Rights of Children, which was sent to the United Nations via UNICEF and the Nepalese Government, and in 2008, he coordinated disaster relief efforts in the eastern regions of Nepal devastated by floods. Alongside his medical pursuits, Dr. Koirala also volunteers for Kalaguthi, a non-profit organisation that trains budding artists, and serves as a Board Member in the Child Watabaran Centre, a school for street children. He also provided food and shelter for nine children who became victims during an unstable political situation in Nepal, as a part of Bal Chetana. In addition, he serves as a medical assistant for Volunteers for Change Nepal (VFC), to improve the health of children at the largest children’s hospital in Nepal. Dr. Koirala also served as General Secretary and President of the Nepalese Doctors’ Welfare Society, and played an active role in the Nepali medical fraternity and the Doctors Society of Nepal.

Exemplary Experiences

Recently, Dr. Koirala emerged as one of the Earthquake Heroes for his work in helping children affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal, providing medical care and working with his medical group to assist in the rescue and care of more than 600 children. He also assisted in rebuilding a school in Gorkha, which was severely damaged, and facilitated the procurement and distribution of warm blankets knitted by Australian primary school students to children impacted by the earthquake. Dr. Koirala was honoured to be part of the national paediatric surgical team in Bangladesh during the historic operation for parasitic twin separation. He has presented three papers on disaster management, hydatid cyst of the liver and biliary atresia at the World Congress of Paediatric Surgeons in Washington, D.C.

The unheralded hero, Dr. Dinesh Koirala

This unheralded hero, Dr. Dinesh Koirala, has emerged as a luminary in the field of paediatric surgery. Despite his relative youth, his exceptional clinical acumen, adept surgical skills and amiable demeanour have made him a beloved figure among his peers and patients. In a country where paediatric surgery is yet to reach its full potential, his fervent passion for his work propels him to persevere through the myriad challenges that confront him. Even amid the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many patients were being turned away by other hospitals, he persisted in his tireless efforts to alleviate the suffering of the poor and underprivileged from remote areas of Nepal. Despite the significant risks posed by a lack of proper PPE and diagnostic tests, he performed an impressive array of complex surgeries, including cases of intestinal perforations, pyloric stenosis and pleural effusions, among others, and was responsible for the highest number of paediatric surgeries in Nepal during that period. His unwavering determination and selflessness in the face of adversity have earned him the admiration of his patients and colleagues alike. His aspirations to establish a non-profit children’s hospital in the future would undoubtedly be a boon for the children of Nepal. A paragon of compassion, a diligent learner, a jovial disposition and a formidable intellect, Dr. Koirala is the quintessence of an exemplary physician.


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