Preventive care

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The main focus of Ujeli Care Centre is prevention of disease.

Health Education

Our preventive care aims to keep the children, their mothers and their teachers healthy. This includes teaching them the importance of hand washing, brushing their teeth and menstrual hygiene, including the use of menstrual cups. Therefore, we regularly provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, nail clippers, combs and soap. We also provide diarrhoea-preventing methods, first aid training, and escape and rescue techniques to use during earthquakes and natural disasters, such as landslides and floods.

Health Camps

The Ujeli Health Camps are an inaugural part of the Ujeli Care Centre.

The aim of the health camps is to treat children and families who do not have access to essential medical care. Our health camps tackle the main pillars of inaccessibility: finances and location.

Medical treatments are funded by donations/fundraising and are thus free of charge. The health camps are organized per jeep, which means that these camps are very mobile and can provide care for children and families in outlying districts. Our volunteers reach out to those local communities to provide free medical support and each camp we give medical advice and health check-up’s to up to 200 people.

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Ujeli Care Center is an NGO where free medical support and free consultation to children aged under 18 years, from two orphanages and ten government schools, but also to those who are homeless.



Parshyang, Pokhara-05, Nepal


We are grateful for all the support we receive and all donations, irrespective of their size. All financial support goes 100% directly to helping the children.

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